Hazelnut Syrup

Get your hazelnut fix from DaVinci Gourmet! Our delicious hazelnut syrups are great for your favorite coffee drinks, or even in dessert recipes and cold drinks like milkshakes or Italian sodas. Use toasted hazelnut for that classic coffee house flavor, or try untoasted hazelnut for a taste more like that of many popular liqueurs. We offer several varieties, including:

Hazelnut Syrup Recipes

And what's hazelnut syrup without great recipes to use it in? DaVinci Gourmet offers more than 60 recipes featuring toasted and untoasted hazelnut flavored syrups, from delicious mochas to decadent truffles. Try whipping up a cup of Banana Nut Hot Chocolate.

Banana Nut Hot Chocolate



Combine ingredients in a 12 oz cup. Mix well.


one 12-ounce serving