Invigorating in all the Right Ways

New DaVinci Gourmet Invigorators are great for expanding any operation’s beverage menu. Easy to serve and full of flavor, Invigorators offer:

  • A simple 5-to-1 concentrate—just mix with still or sparkling water
  • Convenient pump-or-pour preparation
  • Shelf-stable, no refrigeration required
  • Customizable and easy-to-upgrade menu options—mix with fresh or frozen fruit, or create your own signature drinks

A healthy boost for operators

New DaVinci Gourmet Invigorators help you expand your beverage lineup beyond coffee and tea. With Invigorators, you can:

  • Appeal to a broader audience by offering an exciting, new, better-for-you option
  • Bring loyal customers back for a different daypart
  • Boost sales, traffic and revenue
  • Customize and upgrade your menu options

Just Add Water

DaVinci Gourmet Invigorators Come in 3 Refreshing Flavors

Kiwi Lime

Kiwi Lime

Naturally sweet kiwi flavor balances a crisp lime tartness for a tempting, tangy blend

SKU: 4073738490101
Pack Size: 4/64 oz.

Orange Melon

Orange Melon

Full-bodied orange flavor combines with mellow melon for a smooth, tropical taste

SKU: 4073738490102
Pack Size: 4/64 oz.

Raspberry Pomegranate

Raspberry Pomegranate

The unmistakable tang of raspberry blends with sweet-tart pomegranate for a well-rounded flavor

SKU: 4073738490100
Pack Size: 4/64 oz.

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